Wednesday, February 10, 2010

its a long ride,it wont be easy

I haven't had much sleep for the past couple of days,now I feel like a real zombie,and I am multitasking.writing this post and doing some assignment that I should pass up today.I miss jogging.feel like doing it now.but I have to deal with assignments first.oh is my last day of happy about it.but other than that,life sucks. I NEED PROTEIN SHAKE.bye

Monday, February 8, 2010

the voice inside my head

holiday is just around the off to terengganu for a few days and maybe be back and spend good times with friends,maybe bbq or something then hittin the gym everyday or somethin.I love holidays :)

believe in holdin on

its all up to you now,you yeap you

time is up

as usual I don't think ill be celebrating valentines this year.1 because Ill be going back to my hometown,and 2nd the person who I wanna go out is .. working?so that's about it.but everyday is valentines day when I'm with you.and I hope you feel the same way too :/

am I dealing with the right cards?

found a girl with a smile,that could take your breath away,Im thinkin everything's gonna be alright,well sort of

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When everything feels like the end of the world

I feel weird ,maybe it's just me or lately I'm not myself?whatever it is,I never been this happy in my life.for some reason I think I found the missing part of myself,but Im this how things should be?is this it?truth to be told,I never really fell inlove with anyone.but I'm scared.scared to think that she doesn't have feelings for me.but I guess all I have to do is just wait .happy valetines readers

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John Mayer

I always wanted to be him.well,tall good looking,nice voice,sleep around with everyone.ok thats just bad.the reason why I admire this dude so much is he writes good songs and never failed to impress girls with his masterpiece.oh well.dream on kid.